integrating work-at-home into the family setting

how you can accomplish this...

As a WAHM you will obviously need a place to work. Whether it’s a corner of the bedroom, a space in the kitchen, or a designated room in your home it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you need a designated space where you can work and the family knows that it’s off limits and when you are in your space they know you are working. Clearly define the guideline for your new office. If the computer is key to your home business then you need to restrict who can use the computer. You can not afford to have your computer crash.

Once you have decided on a designation work space organizing your work space should be your next step. Getting organized will help you to be more productive and lower stress levels.

Start a shopping list that will save you time. Just like a grocery list you can jot down things that you are running low on and will need to purchase. Save yourself multiple trips to the office supply store by keeping that shopping list handy.

Treat your home office just like a corporate office and decorate your space. Use motivational picture or art that is all about you. If you are working on the kitchen table try a vase of flowers. You’ll be surprised at how that helps to lift your spirits. 

Keep a calendar and go into each day with a plan and an organized list of tasks that you need to complete each day. Then be sure to use the list and stick to the tasks. It will help you to recognize your accomplishments at the end of each day.

Balance your work and family by managing your family and social calendar. Take time each week to inventory upcoming events and the family “to do” list. Build your family and events into your personal calendar. Have a second family calendar posted in a central location like the refrigerator where everyone can stay informed on what is going on each day.


Plan your date nights and family outings just like you would any other appointment. This places a priority on the time with your family and assures that you keep balance in your family life. Remember that when you work at home you can’t go to the office to get away from the ciaos. Creating organization, structure, and getting organized will help to prevent confusion and family conflict.


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