Work at home statistics


Working at home has become more and more popular in recent years.  In fact, the United States Department of Labor believes that by the year 2025 up to two-thirds of all Americans could be working from home.  Many will be employed by companies using home-based workers, while numerous others will have started their own home-based business.  If you already work at home, you are one of more than 52 million home-based workers in North America.

People around the country are finding that working with a legitimate online business is one of the best ways to earn an extra income. Many people are turning to this popular alternative in order to bring in a paycheck and spend more time with their children.  Could work at home be your career? It is for thousands of people across the country.  An internet job isn't as far fetched anymore. Companies post job offers  and business opportunities all the time, that's job information that YOU need to know!

Just the basics of living have become so costly that many can't even afford to buy a house in this day and age. Keeping the lights and the phone on plus putting food on table are starting to feel like luxuries with the income crunch and economy.  Get started looking now.  There are legitimate business that you can work with at home!


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