what to look for in a home business or job

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The internet is exploding with Work At Home opportunities.  How do you know which ones are legitimate?  These tips will help you separate the good from the bad:

  • Check the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau.  You will find information about complaints and if they were resolved by starting here.   Don’t expect to find a company without complaints unless the company is new and a start up.  You are not looking for a company without complaints.  You are looking for a company that takes care of complaints.  In other words, if they had a complaint did they take care of the customer and satisfactorily take care of the customer? 
  • Be wary of companies that ask for money up front or don’t offer a money back guarantee.  In looking at any company, ask yourself “What could I lose?”  If you have to pay hundreds of dollars in up front fees you will most likely have a high degree of risk. 
  • Be sure the company has excellent customer support.  You do not want to be put in the position of having to take care of tons of customer needs.  Make sure that the company offers easy access to the customer to resolve and needs, questions, or problems. 
  • Check out the company’s financial status.  Are they growing?  If they aren’t, you won’t either.  Growth is a sign of customer satisfaction, good management, and that the company will be around tomorrow so you have job security.
  • Avoid companies that ask for additional fees AFTER you join to “ensure your success”.   Make sure there is nothing hidden.  Ask questions and remember there are no dumb questions. 
  • Some “free programs” simply want your personal information to sell to advertisers and spammers.  Ask what their policies are regarding selling your information to other companies.
  • Be sure that the company offers a product or service that is in demand and will stay in demand.  Is the service or product recession proof?  Remember when the economy is down, people eliminate non essentials.  If you are with a company that offers a product or service that is not a necessity, you may not have a job.
  • Does the company have credentials you can verify.  Don’t rely on gossip or he said she said rhetoric that can not be verified or might be biased.  Check with the BBB, US Chamber, and other business organization that track and review companies as a part of their consumer and professional services.
  • Make sure that a company is solvent.  If they are up to their ears in debt they may not be around long.

These simple tips will help you avoid making a mistake that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.  In closing, we suggest you call the company direct and talk with them.  This may help you make a smart and well informed decision. 


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