pros and cons of working at home

Think about this...

Millions of America’s are thinking about working at home or are already working at home.  Home careers are on the rise. While there are many benefits to a home job, there are as many pitfalls if you do not treat your new home position as a “HOME CAREER.” 


  1. You don't have the gas, clothing, baby sitting, and eating out expense
  2. You don't have a boss.
  3. You can work in your PJ's
  4. You can do laundry and make a business call at the same time.
  5. There are no office politics
  6. You can exercise mid day or when ever you want
  7. You decide the hours you want to work
  8. You can take a break when ever you want.
  9. You can take vacations when you want
  10. You can go shopping when you want and for as long as you want
  11. You can take a sick day when you want
  12. You can take a day off when you want



Each and every one of the points above can certainly give you flexibility, control over your own time, and make life a lot more fun.  However, many people when working at home can easily fail because of the list of "Pros" above. 

The key to success when working at home is to be "YOUR OWN BEST BOSS!"  It's true that you are in control.  But if you do not discipline yourself and treat your home position as a "HOME CAREER" you will fail. 

Let me make some suggestions that will help to insure your success.

  1. Create business hours and make sure your family respects those hours.
  2. Keep a daily calendar.  Before going to bed each night detail your activities and appointments for the next day.
  3. Prioritize your time to make sure you get the important things done first.
  4. Before taking a day off, ask yourself, “Can I afford to do so?”
  5. Don’t work in your pajamas.  Get up and get dressed as if you are going to work outside of the home.
  6. Make sure you have a designated work space.
  7. Set deadlines, goals, and expectations for yourself.
  8. Before going to bed at night ask yourself, “What did I accomplish today?” If you don’t like the answer, you can do something about it the next day.



Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better. Then commit to improving.