money saving tips for mom

Help in tightening the budget... 

Do you ever find there is more month than money?  So many people today are looking for ways to save money and cut a few corners.  If you are a stay at home mom I’m sure you are always looking for ways to stretch the dollar.  We have compiled a few simple but effective tips to help.


  • Try cooking once a month or once a week and freezing.  You’ll find yourself eating out less.  It will be convenient to go home, take something out of the freezer, and have a meal in minutes.
  • Shop in bulk if possible.  To prevent spoilage and waste use a vacuum sealer or food saver and break the bulk food down into meal size packaging and store.
  • Soups are nutritious and help stretch the budget.  You can slow cook a big pot of soup and eat on it for days.  Plus it seems the soups taste better when they are reheated.  When you get tired of them they freeze easily.
  • In many cities there are wonderful resale shops for the kids.  You will normally save 80 to 90% on kids cloths. 
  • Learn to buy the kids cloths at the end of season when the retail stores are clearing their rack for new shipments.  September, October, February, and March are great months to shop ahead for the kids and you.  Most stores are discounting a minimum of 50% and many will be at their 75% off rock bottom prices.
  • If you want to really get frugal don’t use disposable diapers.  You do the math.  Using cloth diapers compared to the disposables one is a no brainier.
  • Do you have a blender?  Make your own baby food.  You do not need to buy baby food.  When cooking for you and the older members of the family learn to save a little out for the baby before you season the food.  Use your blender and make your own pureed green beans, peaches, or anything that the family eats the baby can too.
  • Shop smart and learn to really read the label.  What appears to be cheaper is not always what it seems.  Many manufacturers will advertise small loads on their laundry detergent.  You do the math.  If you do large loads calculate how many loads of laundry you will REALLY get.  Now that you know the real cost compare.  Bulk is not always the best buy.  Most of the time buying concentrate is the best buy.  You will normally pay about the same per container but you will add water and the concentrates will end up making several times the number of containers for a great savings.
  • Learn to read and follow the directions on manufacturer’s labels.  Many time people think that more is better.  That philosophy is not only a waste, but it can cost money.
  • Clipping coupons has long been a great way to save a few dollars.  However, many grocery stores will run unadvertised sales during the week many times to move out certain products before their shelf life expires.  It is common to find 2 for the price of one on many items during these sales.  Since stores do not advertise these sales you need to ask if they have a day during the week when they do unadvertised sales to move items off the shelf. 
  • Be sure to have a household budget and stick to it.  Use an envelop with cash in it for the extras in the house and when you run out of the cash you don’t dip into the checking or savings.  This cash concept works well to keep miscellaneous spending in check.  When you have the visual of cash in the envelop you will find yourself counting to see how much is left and then asking yourself if there will be enough there to last the month.
  • Always ask yourself before spending, “Do we really need it?”  This is the best tip of all.  Don’t spend spontaneously.  Always ask yourself, “Do I really need it or would it just be nice to have?”  Then make your decision!



A penny saved it a penny earned.

by Grandma