How to Find a Legitimate Work at Home Opportunity

You are here because you want to make money from your home. You may be just starting your search and you don't know where to look for legitimate work from home job and opportunities. The internet, through its sheer size, can be a bit overwhelming for a newcomer. There are many work at home opportunities available on net.  No matter where you live, the internet holds possibility for you. It might take some time to find a suitable legitimate work at home opportunity, so key is to be patience in your search.

Before we start let me clarify a couple of things.  If you are looking for a job on and intend to work from a home office you will have some investment before you secure that job.  That's right, even in a legitimate work at home opportunity you will have some type of investment.  You will of course need to make sure you have a telephone land line service that is dependable so that your employer can reach you and you can make out going calls on a dependable line.  A cell phone is not acceptable.  You will need internet service, a computer, and some degree of skills and knowledge of how to use the computer, computer programs, and the internet.  If you are not knowledgeable there are normally courses available at the local community college that might help you out.  Many times you will need a printer, fax, and scanner available as office tools.  Normally an employer will NOT supply any of this office equipment. 

An option to being tied to a nine to five scheduled or part-time employee position is to opt for an independent contractor situation.  Again you may have a small investment to make but there are more benefits.  As an independent contractor you will normally have several tax advantages.  You will want to check with your accountant to verify what this means to you in your personal situation.  This will typically put money in your pocket.

The next option is to own your own business.  Again, there is an investment depending on what you are doing.  Example, if you were starting a daycare you would have the expense of toys, food, bedding, license, and other miscellaneous items you would need to purchase.  Owning your own business offers flexible ours and an opportunity typically for unlimited income. 

1. Online Classified Portals - Craigslist is the biggest online classified portal on the net. Daily thousands of full-time/part-time/flex-time and work at home jobs are posted by companies and individuals on this portal. You can find business opportunities on the Craigslist as well.  A must visit web site for those who are looking for work at home job opportunities. is another web portal where you can find telecommuting work at home jobs and independent contractor opportunities.  Check out the following sites as a dependable resources for work at home opportunities. - - - - -

2. Online Job Portals - Online Job portals are excellent place to find work at home/telecommuting job leads.,,,,, are online job portals where you can find plenty of work at home/telecommuting job openings.

3. Job Search Engines - Most of the online job portals provide search facility to scan their database. There are two excellent job search engines of all online job portals in one go. Google Base and Indeed are of great help in your quest of finding legitimate work at home opportunity. You can receive job alerts to your email too. Urls are - &

4. Be careful of work at Home Discussion Boards/Forums - Work at home discussion boards/forums. Many times you get competitors placing bad comments on discussion boards to sway reader with false information.  Another problem with discussion boards is that many people think they know what they are talking about so they place their ill-informed opinions on the board which could be incorrect.  These are nothing more than gossip boards.  If you make life decisions and important decisions on gossip then these boards are for you.  If you base your decisions on well researched facts we recommend you use the BBB, US Chamber, and other business organizations that have done research and are not biased.

5. Online Newspaper Classified Ads - Whatever newspaper you can think of, they will most likely have a website. Search their classified ad section, you will find many work at home openings.

6. Work at Home Directory Listings - Search for work at home directory on search engine. You will find many, but keep it in the mind that these directory contains all kind of work at home web sites.

7. Work at Home Web Sites - There are many web sites that specialize specifically in work-at-home jobs and business opportunities. These sites offer a list of job openings or work from home opportunities.

If you keep patience and stay focused, you will find something that works for you.


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