free advertising with word of mouth

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We just recently moved. When we set up our digital cable, of course we added a DVR (digital video recorder). We love to record our shows and watch them later after the kids go to bed. How many of you do the same thing? How many of you watch commercials? It is not uncommon anymore to fast forward through commercials or just turn the channel over and watch something else while waiting for the television show to come back on. It used to be that many of us learned about what products to purchase by watching commercials. Commercials are starting to lose their effectiveness.

So now how do consumers learn about products? Word of mouth is becoming more popular.  Word of mouth advertising is a powerful tool. People talk about the products they love. Your friends and neighbors hopefully trust you and your judgment, so they are more likely going to purchase something that you have recommended, right? You can see this trend growing more even with the larger companies of whose commercials we see on television. These companies are offering incentives like free products in exchange for customers talking about their products. They may even give out free samples on their websites in return for filling out a survey, and hoping you will tell other people about it. This idea was not as effective as they hoped. The companies found out that the consumers were getting the free sample just to get something for free and not telling anyone about how they liked the product.

There are work-at-home companies out there who share its profits with their customers in exchange for word of mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth sharing is the most powerful kind of advertising a company can have. It’s much more effective than tv commercials, which are dying out. Another benefit to word of mouth advertising is that it is FREE. For those of us who have a home business this is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising out there.  If you have your own business, you already know this. But for those, who are looking at starting your own business keep this in mind. This type of advertising does work. Just make sure that the products and ideas that you are promoting are things that you WANT to promote and stand behind 100%. Also look at a company that shares the profits with their marketers as well as the customers. Good luck with you endeavors. 


Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and more self confidence you will have.
~ Brian Tracy ~