free marketing tools

That's right. Free Marketing Tools

Great deals for WAHMS!  Here are several Free Internet Marketing tools you can use to promote your business on the internet.  I have also included some nearly free tools for you.

This is a FREE tool to help you find popular key words for your site.

Free online thesaurus and dictionary

Free software downloads

Free virus scanner

Free people finder

Free internet browser ( Fire Fox )

Free search engine chart

Free tutorial on protecting yourself from spam

Free Time Zone chart w/clocks

Free Time Zone chart w/map

Free Web counter

Free-Find out if your site is listed in the search engines

Free link popularity tool

Free business cards





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Free internet tools


Google offers a free  Google account.  Sign up and use their tools.  Be sure to list your business on the google maps if you have a local business.  Read More…


Free web site submission  Google offers free web site submission to their search engine.  Don't miss that great offer.  Read More…


Get a free blog site  You can use a blog to market your web site.  It's free and a great way to generate interest and traffic.  Read More…