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Many work at home moms are going to the internet to build their businesses.  There is certainly a large market to be found there, but don’t overlook the opportunities you have right in your own back yard.  Chances are that if you found your business interesting, then many other moms in your area would, too!

Here are some suggestions to market locally:

  • Put up flyers advertising your business in local coffee shops or on message boards in local supermarkets
  • Go to local daycares and ask if you can leave some business cards or flyers
  • Leave business cards on those plastic changing tables in restrooms of stores and restaurants
  • Gather business cards from other work at home moms and call them and ask how their business is doing.  They may be ready to make a change!
  • Ask if you can leave business cards or a flyer at places where you do business.  Your local drycleaner or other vendors may be willing to do that as a way of thanking you for your business.
  • Be ready at any time with a business card and don’t be shy!  If you are standing in a line, strike up a conversation.  It doesn’t hurt to ask if they would be interested in your product or service.
  • Ask everybody for referrals.  Let friends, neighbors and anyone else you can think know about your business.  If they aren’t interested, they most likely know someone who would be interested.
  • A combination of marketing on the internet and marketing locally will help you to grow your business much faster than just focusing on the internet.  Remember that the grass is green in your own back yard!
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