free advertising with link exchanges

how does it work...

When a web site owner links to your site it helps to improve your search engine rankings. The more sites you link to your web site, the better your ranking. In order to get sites to link to you it is many times necessary to give the site owner a link from your site to theirs.

If you're not sure what your site's link popularity rating is, you can download the Google tool bar and it has a feature that will tell you how many back links there are to your site.

If you had two identical sites and one had thousands of targeted sites linking to it while the other had none, the site with the thousands of incoming links will rank higher.

Another important tool to help you rank your site well in the search engines is to have numerous people bookmark your site. The more the better!

So how do you find reciprocal link partners? In order to improve your search engine ranking you want sites linking to your site that are of a similar audience. Example: You have a site that is all about “fish.” You will then want to have sites linking to you that are about pets, aquariums, oceans, and anything that is relative to fish. As you can see you're looking for sites that are on the same subject matter but not necessarily similar.

There are two ways to find sites that will link to your website.

1. Find targeted sites in the web directories, such as Yahoo!, LookSmart, or the Open Directory Project. Go to a directory's home page and search with the keywords that would describe your site or subject matter. The sites listed in these and related categories are the types of sites you need to contact. Contact these sites and ask if they would consider a “link exchange.” This means that you would place a link on your site if they would do the same.

Now make a list of the sites that agree to a link exchange. Then create a links or resources page and add links to the sites on that page. Only exchange links with targeted sites. I highly recommend that you don't exchange links with sites that bear no relation with your site. If you link to poor-quality or spam sites, it could affect your search engine rankings.

2. You can create incoming links without a link exchange in directories, yellow pages, and guides.

If you want to save time and effort, you could use a reciprocal link management tool, such as Arelis. It will help you find and contact link exchange partners. Do not use link farms. Search engines will pick up on that and it will discount your efforts.

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