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Business search engines and Yellow Page directories provide great resources for additional traffic to your site. They do not index your site. They rely on the information you supply when submitting the site to list and place your site in a category. Because business search engines do not index your site they are called Yellow Page directories. You will want to be organized with complete details and information regarding your site prior to the submission process. Most visitors to these directories are looking for products or services. Listing in the Yellow Pages and business directories will create a modest increase in your web site traffic. When marketing any site it’s important to remember that you can’t just list your site in one, two, or three places and hope that the public finds you. You need to take advantage of every possible avenue open to you. It’s a big project but worth it. Community guides are becoming very popular. They focus their directory on specific states and cities so users can easily find information in their area. If you offer a product or service that you bring only through the internet with no brick and mortar store front in a specific location you will need to work some to submit your site to all major locations but again, it’s worth it. When you are ready to submit to the online business search engines print this page and use the form below to organize yourself prior to starting your submission process.

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  • Category you will list in
  • Description of product/service
  • Key words
  • Company Contact Information
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Community Listings

CityNet ( is the Excite Travel Channel. You cannot submit listings directly to City.Net Travel. You must register your site in the  
Before you can place a listing in GeoCities you must become a member. Once you become a member. Start by visiting the virtual community that you would like to become a part of then follow the links to the free home page. USA CityLink
Lycos City Guide ( click on a map to visit areas dedicated to specific countries. You can register your site with the Lycos search engine. CityNet is the Excite Travel Channel. You cannot submit listings directly to City.Net Travel. Instead, you must register your site in the main Excite database.
Metroscope is an international guide.  


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